TeamCBC Weekly Cycling Tip – What to do if you are assaulted while cycling

It’s a rather sad commentary of today’s society that we even have to discuss this subject. Everyone is in a hurry these days. Some motorists will risk your life, their life, and the lives of others just to save a few seconds of their commute. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for some people who don’t want you on “their” road. They will honk their horn, blow exhaust fumes in your face, yell obscenities, or even force you off the road. Here is what you should do if you are verbally or physically assaulted:
  • If anyone is verbally threatened, they should take down their license plate, the description of the individual, and their location at the time. It is against the law to use profane language on a public highway and if they threaten you in any way, it is assault.
  • Video evidence of the encounter would be beneficial but not required. You can take this to the local agency and file a report.
  • If anyone is physically assaulted, they need to dial 911 immediately, and the information mentioned above would be beneficial.
  • TeamCBC has law enforcement officials as members who take these incidents seriously. You can request their assistance by sending an email to I will put you in contact with an official at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety who will help you track down the perpetrator. The only way to stop or reduce these assaults is to penalize the people committing them.
Here is an article that explains the various NC laws and a video of a cyclist who a motorist assaulted, and the motorist went to jail.
Stay safe!
Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC