TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Communications: Verbal Commands Part 3

Here are the last group of verbal commands.  Thanks again to Jose for the translations.

StandingThe rider is about to stand up on his bike. This causes the bike to slow down.

Spanish: Parandome

Rolling – The group is continuing to ride after stopping or slowing

Spanish: Continuemos rodando

Take the Lane – The group is required to change lanes.  It is expected that the riders in the back, with the best view of traffic approaching from the rear, should issue this command and pass it up to the front.

Spanish: Cambiando de carril

Single Up – The group is changing to a single file formation. Typically done when passing another group or another condition that prevents a double paceline.

Spanish: Una sola linea

Rough Road – There is a rough section of road ahead. Everyone should take care and be alert.

Spanish: Carretera aspera

Rider/Runner/Walker Up – Approaching a single rider/runner/walker is on the left.  Expect to move left to avoid them.

Spanish: Ciclista adelante – [if a cyclist]

corredor adelante – [if a runner]

persona caminando – [if a walker]

Bump (Center/Left/Right) – The is a bump in the road. Everyone should take care and be alert.

Spanish: Bordo al centro [bump center]

Bordo a la izquierda [bump on the left]

Bordo a la derecha [bump on the right]

Deep Left/Right – There is a car approaching from the left of right as we cross or enter onto a road. You need to be cautious, even if there is a stop sign.  You don’t know their speed or whether they will stop.

Spanish: Carro lejos a la izquierda [car far left]

Carro lejos a la derecha [car far right]

What were you thinking?  I’m sure that this has happened to everyone at some point.  You’re pulling but stay on too long. You come off but you’re gassed and the next thing you know, you’re dropped. There is no magic number for how long to pull. Come off before you’re tired. No one is going to complain if it’s a short pull.  However, they will complain if you’re slowing up the group or they have to wait for you to recover and get back on.

Stay Safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC