TeamCBC Weekly Cycling Tip – Communications: Verbal Commands Part 2

Here are the next group of verbal commands. Thanks again to Jose for the translations.

Car Up / Car Back – a vehicle is coming towards the group or coming up behind the group

Spanish: Carro en frente/ car upCarro atras/ car back

Passing – Vehicle is passing the group

Spanish: viene carro atras or pasando carro

All Here? – Asking if everyone in the group is on

Spanish: todos aquí

All On! – Everyone in the group is together

Spanish: Todos en el grupo

Gap – Someone in the group is not on

Spanish: separacion de grupo

Mechanical – Someone in the group has an issue with their bike

Spanish: problema mecánico

On your left – Rider is passing you on your left

Spanish: por tu izquierda

Riders coming back – Riders are coming off the front and going to the back

Spanish: ciclista regresando hacia atras

What were you thinking?

I was climbing a hill recently and as I got to the top of the hill I slowed down and pulled over into the breakdown lane. Unfortunately, there was someone on my wheel and they went right as well. They hit my wheel and went down. I should have signaled that I was slowing down and/or that I was going right.

Stay Safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC