TeamCBC Tuesday/Thursday Rides

With the return of Daylight Savings Time (yay!!), this week is the official start of our Tuesday/Thursday evening rides. There are several changes this year, so please read carefully.


New for this year! We will be riding out of two locations:

1. Tuesday night we will start at Vicious Fishes Brewery (2237 Old US 1 Hwy, Apex NC)

2. Thursday night we will start at Brueprint Brewery (1229 Perry Rd, Apex NC)


For the next several weeks, there will be two start times to ensure riders are back prior to dusk. Be prepared to clip in and roll at the start time.

1. 42-mile route will leave at 5 PM for the next several weeks. On April 20th, all groups will begin at 6 PM.

2. 25-mile route will leave at 6 PM


Routes will be as follows…. Please note some of these are different from last year. Also, check back each week as these routes may be modified to accommodate ever changing commuter traffic patterns:

• Vicious Fishes Tuesday 42-mile:
• Vicious Fishes Tuesday 25-mile:
• Brueprint Thursday 42-mile:
• Brueprint Thursday 25-mile: 


1. We will break up into groups, ranging from 12-14 mph to 21+ mph. Groups are subject to change depending on the mix of riders and at the discretion of the ride leader.

2. Unlike Sunday CBC rides, these are all DROP rides. If you get dropped, you may be able to (1) drop to a slower group, (2) take a shorter route back, or (3) catch another group coming back on out/back rides. Select your group carefully……

3. There is no SAG vehicle on these rides. Be prepared to handle a flat tire or other mechanical issues on your own (other riders may provide assistance, but TeamCBC will not have transportation available on Tuesday/Thursday rides).

4. Flashing rear lights are required (and must be turned on!). We strongly recommend a flashing front light as well to increase visibility.

5. On the 6 PM Rides the turnaround point will depend on sunset. For example, this week sunset is around 7:20, so the 6 pm start group will turn around no later than 6:40 pm – even if the group has not reached the published turn point.


1. Please use the lot across from Brueprint. We must leave the full section (both sides) directly in front of the brewery for regular customers. Do not park on the side driveway by the taproom. Once you return from the ride, you can move your car to the front of the brewery (you’re a customer!).

2. Please park on the gravel lot to the far right (facing the building) at Vicious Fishes. Leave the spots in front of the building for regular customers and food trucks.