TeamCBC Twofer Turkey Weekend!

TeamCBC Rides for Turkey weekend!

After all this food we get two rides.  Friday AND Sunday.

Both our rides this week are starting from the Carolina Brewing Company. 

On Friday we are offering four distances, 60, 45, 30 & 20. 

Friday Route:  MS Training Route

All distances are approximate. PRINT YOUR OWN CUE SHEET

Pickup Ride:  All riders start at Noon (to allow for shopaholics)

There are multiple spots to turnaround.

20- Goes to the end of Shearon Harris and turns around
30- turn around after Merry Oaks (first time)
45-continue back to brewery after Merry Oaks (second time)
60- true out and back after Merry Oaks (2nd time)


On Sunday we are offering four distances, 70, 50, 30 & 20.

Sunday Route: Corinth

All distances are approximate. PRINT YOUR OWN CUE SHEET

Pace is average speed over the entire ride distance.

PAY ATTENTION TO TIMES and pace.  Choose wisely!!!!

 9:00 AM- 70 miles: 20+ mph Drop Ride

9:15 AM- 70 miles: 18-19 mph Drop Ride

9:30 AM- 50 miles: 20+ mph Drop Ride

9:45 AM- 50 Miles: 18-19 mph Drop Ride

10:00 AM: 50 Miles: 16-17 mph No Drop Ride

10:15 AM: 30 miles: 18-19 mph, No Drop Ride

10:30 AM- 30 miles: 16-17 mph, No Drop Ride

10:45 AM- 30 miles: 15-16 mph, No Drop Ride

11:00 AM- 30 & 20 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop Ride

Please sign the electronic waiver before coming to the ride.  It is simple and easy and you are required to sign before doing TeamCBC rides.  Here is the link:    TeamCBC Waiver

Please join us!  Everyone is invited.

For more information on TeamCBC please go to our website: 

Start Location:
140 Thomas Mill Rd
Holly Springs, NC


In case of weather, updates are posted on our Facebook page at at least an hour before the ride.