TeamCBC Sunday Ride March 15, 2020

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Carolina Brewing Company
140 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC

Routes have Changed!!!

Route: Lick Creek

WATCH YOUR START TIMES!!! I am experimenting with start times as some rides are getting in too quick and others are taking too long. Please bear with us as this is something we need to figure out before the bulk of ride season is upon us. Positive feedback and suggestions are welcome.

10:00 AM- 70 miles: Split at beginning based on attendance

11:00 AM- 50 miles: 15-16 mph, No Drop Ride

11:15 AM- 50 miles: 17-18 mph, No Drop Ride

11:30 AM- 50 miles: 19+ Drop Ride

11:30 AM- 30 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop Ride

11:30 AM- 20 miles: No Drop

11:45 AM- 30 miles: 15-16 mph, No Drop

12:00 PM- 30 miles: 17+ mph, No Drop Ride