TeamCBC – Stuff You Should Know

1. First of all, sorry about Monday’s long post about our Tuesday/Thursday rides. It looks good on the website and emails, but FB is difficult. From now I will post just the basics of our Weekly Rides and have a link back to our website for more details. Here is a link to all our rides:
2. Thanks to everyone who follows us on Facebook, but there are still many of you who are not on our mailing list. It’s simple, just go to our website, scroll down to the bottom, enter your email address, and you’re in.
3. One way you can help us raise money for Bike MS is to select TeamCBC as your charity on Amazon gives charities a small percentage of their sales and the dollars add up. If you already have an Amazon account (who doesn’t?), just log in and look for the link in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @team_cbc. Rather than repeat what is already on our website, we try to provide information about the local, national and international cycling community. We also follow many of the top events and cyclists.