Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday, March 1, 2020
Destination Ride!
We are heading to a new brewery (for us) in Sanford called Hugger Mugger.  They should have a food truck as well.
Weather looks great…Sunny and 50s.
Route is part of the old Tour de Cure route as well as some of the Raven Rock route mixed in.  Lots of empty roads!

Park around back if you can.

Completely new routes.  Warning, bring two water bottles.  There is a 30 mile stretch on the 60 miler  between stops where there is no water or store.

Route: Hugger Mugger


11:00 AM- 60 miles:  15-16 No Drop Ride

11:10 AM- 60 miles:  17-18 No Drop Ride

11:20 AM- 60 miles: 19+ No Drop Ride

11:30 AM- 30 miles: 12-14 mph, No Drop Ride

11:40 AM- 30 miles: 15-16 mph, No Drop Ride

11:50 AM- 30 miles: 17+ mph, No Drop Ride