TeamCBC – News for a New Year 1/3/20

Welcome to the 20’s!  Here’s what’s new for this year.

First of all, here are the brave souls who have agreed to serve as your Board of Directors for 2020.

President – Rick Bunnell

Vice President – Linda Murray

Team Captain – Bob Oderkirk

Treasurer – Dan Leinbach

Gear Sales – Nancy Canterbury

Sponsor Relations – Tom Henson

Secretary – Sheila Morin*

Marketing – Jennifer Tallett*

*New Board member

This is OUR club – if you have a suggestion for a ride, or how we might be able to do things better – let one of the board member know.

Secondly we’d like you to join us in thanking outgoing President, Kari Wong, and outgoing Vice President, Tim Keller, for their time, effort, dedication and leadership.  We hope that we can live up to their high standards.  Fortunately they have both agreed to continue to support TeamCBC this coming year.  Kari will be the coordinator of this year’s Spring Fling and Tim will continue to lead the TeamCBC support for the Saturday morning training rides.  More to come on dates and opportunities for both of these!

Thirdly, we plan to continue to improve upon your cycling experience.  Although our focus is still to raise funds for Bike MS, the most important thing is that we all have FUN!  Last year we successfully added Tuesday/Thursday night rides and helped launch the Saturday morning training rides with other clubs in the area.  This year we plan to offer alternative start locations for Tuesday/Thursday and some Sunday rides.  We also plan to add leaders for many of the rides to keep speeds and distances as advertised.  Spoiler Alert!  We’re going to need more volunteers.

Finally, we plan to improve upon one of the most important factors in any successful organization – Communications!  We are in the process of upgrading our technology with a new email service, more information on FB, a new website, and a Twitter account.  We hope this will make it easier for you to participate in events, and for us to more quickly update you on any changes.  Also, starting next week! we will begin sending out weekly cycling tips which we hope will help educate new riders as well as be a reminder for our more experienced riders.

Quote of the week:  “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” John F Kennedy, 35th President

Rick Bunnell 

President, Team CBC