TeamCBC Cycling Trip – 10 Strava Features That You May Not Know

As the saying goes, “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen”. Of course, that’s not true, but cyclists are obsessed with data and, with 85 million subscribers, Strava is the most popular app for recording rides. Here are 10 features that you may not know.
1. Star Icon – If you have a route that you created, you can hit the star icon and that route will be automatically loaded on your bike computer the next time you sync it. No more dealing with gpx files. You can also “star” segments. This allows you to get real-time tracking against your PR whenever you’re on that segment.
2. Effort Comparison – This will show you where we were on a segment in comparison to your PR or another rider. It allows you to adjust your training to improve your times.
3. Monthly Recap – There has always been an end-of-year review of your rides. However, there is also a monthly report. Not only will it display the basic statistics, but it will show you such things as your longest ride, achievements, and standout segment.
4. Bluetooth – If you use Strava on your phone, you can use Bluetooth to connect Strava to your heart monitor.
5. Training Gems – Using your heart rate monitor, you can measure Relative Effort and Weekly Intensity. This will allow you to compare your training to help you increase or decrease your workouts to optimize your training.
6. Strava Metro – If you ride your bike to work or even to the store, be sure you check off the “Commute” icon. This allows municipalities to monitor which streets are used by cyclists for commuting and perhaps add bike lanes or bike paths.
7. Cropping – As we’ve all seen many times, someone gets a KOM/QOM by forgetting to turn off their bike computer on the way home. If this happens to you, just “Edit Activity” and select “Crop”. You can then delete as much of the ride as needed.
8. Perception of Effort and Monthly Fitness – If you use a heart monitor, Perceived Exertion will be automated calculated. If not, you can select your effort. You can then use the Fitness chart to compare your efforts over the past several months up to two years.
9. Route Planner – This is an interesting feature. Under “Maps”, you can draw an area on the map and Strava will create a route for you. Also, you can select the distance, elevation, and type of surface and it will create a route that meets that criteria. Save it and Star it and it will be loaded onto your bike computer.
10. Kudo Bombs – After a great ride, this is an easy way to give kudos to everyone on the ride. Just select your activity, select Manage Group and then shake your phone (I know, crazy). It will then allow you to give kudos to everyone on the ride or just the ones you follow.
There were certainly a few features that I didn’t know about, especially the Star icon and Kudo Bomb. I hope you learned a few as well. Here is a video that demonstrates how to use these features in more detail:
Stay Safe!
Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC