TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Winter Cycling Motivation

The winter season can be cold, damp, and windy. After riding all season in warm and hot weather, it is difficult to get motivated to get on the bike in the winter. Many riders jump on the trainer or take indoor cycling classes. However, most of us would rather be outside. Here are some ways to motivate yourself to put on that winter gear and get out there.

  1. Goal Setting – Keep yourself motivated by writing down what you want to accomplish over the winter. For example, ride three days per week, lose some weight (or just don’t gain any), or hit the gym a couple of times per week.
  2. Group Rides – Maybe you think of it as “misery loves company”, but riding in a group can keep you going throughout the winter. The TeamCBC, CCC, and Gyros clubs have group rides every weekend. Also, some groups ride at night during the week and a few riders have pop rides during the day on weekdays.
  3. Coffee Stop – Most of our rides start and end at a brewery. How about planning a coffee stop? After all, coffee is a cyclist’s next best friend (after beer). In other parts of the world, clubs plan a coffee stop midway through the ride. It gets you out of the weather for a bit and energizes you for the trip back.
  4. The Sense of Achievement – You will have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment once you complete a long ride on a cold, windy day. You can reward yourself with your favorite beverage and think about how much better you are for it. Of course, you have to get off the couch and onto your bike.
  5. Winter Bike – If the roads are damp and the weather is cold, you just don’t want to subject your expensive bike to the elements. Now is the time to take out your old bike. Maybe it’s now ten years old, but still in good shape. Sure, it’s not as fast, doesn’t have carbon wheels, and doesn’t have as many gears. However, get over it and get out and ride.

Here is a video from GCN that discusses this subject in more detail:

Stay safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC