TeamCBC Cycling Tip – What to do after a bike accident: Self-assessment.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, there is a possibility that you may experience a crash. If so, here are a few basic principles to remember from

Slow Down:
The best thing you can do for yourself after a bike crash is to take your time getting up and moving around. You don’t need to jump back on your bike as fast as possible—slow down and assess the damage to yourself and your bike before pedaling off. Before you start riding, can you walk around? Can you move your arms in all directions? Can you look up, down, left, and right without any pain? Take a minute and assess, then decide whether you can pedal off— or need to wait for help.

Basic First Aid:
Before anything else—even before you get up—check your body. Can you feel all of your limbs, are all bones still under your skin and is there a lot of blood? Don’t risk moving too much if you feel seriously injured: instead, call for help and seek medical attention. If you can lift your bike without major pain, your upper body is fine, and if you can walk, you can probably pedal. All joints should move and be able to bear weight.

Checking to see if you bent or cracked your helmet is a quick way to assess whether you hit your head. If you can remember this tip, you’re probably okay! If you have a concussion, you’ll probably be disoriented and confused; if you don’t know where you are right away, it’s likely you’ve got one. When you’re riding along, you have all these endorphins and feel really good, so take the time to settle down to check how you’re really feeling.

Be Prepared:
It’s important to have everything you’ll need in case of a crash—especially when you’re planning an adventure to the middle of nowhere. Always carry basic first aid supplies, like a large bandage and some Ace wrapping so you can create a splint or secure gauze (or a wadded up baselayer) to cover a wound. Mitigate your risks so that when you do crash, it’s not a cause for blind panic.

Next week we will review how to assess your bike.

Quote of the week: “When it comes to first aid, there are three P’s to remember—preserve life, prevent deterioration, and promote recovery.”

Here is a blog that contains videos on how to treat injuries:…/basic-first-aid-for…/

Stay safe!
Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC