TeamCBC Cycling Tip – What to buy a cyclist for Christmas

First of all, this tip isn’t for you. It is for your friends, family or significant other. This is a public service for those of you that have received cycling gifts in the past that you are too embarrassed to even regift. Therefore please forward it with your preferred gift highlighted.

We’re just friends

* Cycling Socks – Buy a high quality pair like DeFeet, not a 6-pack from Walmart
* Cycling Gloves – Match their favorite team (like TeamCBC) or bike (Trek, Specialized, etc)
* Bike bell – I’m serious, especially if riding on a greenway

We’re family

* Cycling jersey – Like gloves, find out what they like, not the plain “no name” ones from Dick’s Sporting Goods
* Cycling shorts or bibs – There’s nothing better than a matchy matchy kit
* Rain Jacket – Not a yellow Gorton fisherman mac. It needs to be cycling specific and made from Gore-Tex

You really love me
* Bike Computer – Garmin and Wahoo are the most popular. Check my cycling tip for more info (…/).
* Indoor bike trainer – Wahoo seems to be the most popular. Check back next week for a cycling tip on indoor trainers.
* Bike camera – Lots of good ones out there. You need one for the front and another for the back.

Although our Team Store is now closed, check with Nancy at for team socks, gloves, and jerseys that we have in stock.

Also most of these items can be purchased in-store or on-line from our sponsors, The Bicycle Chain and All-Star Bike Shop

Quote of the week: “It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired; you quit when the gorilla is tired.” Fausto Coppi, champion cyclist

Here is a video to further help choose the right gift:

Stay safe!

Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC