TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Rules of the Road

Most of us would agree that the most important thing about cycling is having fun.  However safety is a close second and there is nothing fun about getting injured while on a ride. With that in mind, we at TeamCBC want to be the leader in promoting safe cycling.

Therefore your TeamCBC Board of Directors have determined that the following rules must be adhered to on all TeamCBC group rides:

  1. Every rider must sign the TeamCBC liability waiver
  2. Every rider must follow all traffic laws
  3. No drop means no drop
  4. Every bike must have a flashing rear light during the day
  5. Front and rear lights are required by state law from dusk through dawn
  6. Never cross the center line
  7. Do not take photos or video with handheld cameras while riding
  8. No headphones
  9. Always drop on the left
  10. No more than three wide when dropping to the rear

Thanks for your support in ensuring that everyone is compliant with these rules.


Board of Directors