TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Riding in Hot and Humid Weather

Summer may not be officially here yet, but the hot weather is coming soon. Here are a few tips on riding in the heat:

  • The higher the heat and humidity, the lower the oxygen content in the air. So dial back on the watts.
  • Drink at least one bottle per hour. Freeze one bottle 1/2 full and another 3/4 full and fill them up before you ride. Always carry two bottles. I cringe every time I see someone with only 1 bottle on their bike.
  • Add electrolytes like Nuun or Gatorade to your water.
  • Hydrate well before the ride. Eat plenty of watery fruits and vegetables like watermelon and grapes.
  • You burn more calories keeping cool than you do keeping warm. So try to eat something every hour. Gels are good for when you don’t feel like eating something solid.
  • Cool off by holding a cold water bottle to the front of your neck. Cooling your jugular vein will cool your blood which will cool your whole body.
  • Do not put ice on the back of your neck, only cool water. This constricts your veins and will limit the blood going to your brain.
  • Cramping is more likely in hot weather. In addition to adding electrolytes, eat a banana for the potassium and bring along some pickle juice or mustard.
  • There is also a controversial tip:

The attached article, as well as several other articles I read, recommend that you wear a cap (or casquette) to protect you from the sun. However, the attached video says not to wear a cap because it retains the heat. To break the tie I contacted a pro racer that I met at the Tour de France a couple of years ago, Toms Skujins from Trek Segafredo. He said that he never wears a cap and has never seen any rider wear a cap on a hot July day in France.

Here is an article and video with a few more tips.…

Quote of the week: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

Stay Safe.

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC