TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Proper Tire Pressure

With group riding officially suspended, for the next few weeks I will focus on tips those riding solo can use.

So, tire pressure, it’s easy, just fill your tires with 100 psi each and you’re done, right?  Well, not necessarily. There are actually several factors.  How much do you weigh? How wide are your tires?  Is it the front or rear tire? Ideally you want your tires to have enough air to support you and your bike, but not so much as to reduce the tire’s grip on the road.

Here a chart that you can use as a guideline.  For someone who weighs 161 lbs, here is what is recommended:

Tire Size      Front Tire     Rear Tire
23              95 psi         100 psi
25              80 psi           85 psi
28              60 psi           65 psi

*Add 1 psi for every 2 pounds you weigh above 161
*Subtract 1 psi for every 2 pounds you weigh below 161.

I weigh 195 lbs and ride on 25 mm tires.
1. Take the difference between 195 and 161, which is 34
2. Divide by 2, which is 17
3. For the front tire, add 17 psi to 80, which is 97 psi
4. For the rear tire, add 17 psi to 85, which is 102 psi

So for me, 100 psi is pretty close.  However for you it may be different.  Also, this is not set in stone.  You may have your own personal preference.  In the future we will cover tire weight, rolling resistance and a few other factors.

Here is a 5 minute video on proper tire pressure from GCN:…/bike-tyre-pressure-e…

Quote of the week: It’s not the falling off that hurts, it’s the landing.

Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC