TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Why you need a Power Meter

I don’t have any on-the-road experience with cycling power meters, but I do believe that they can help improve your cycling experience.  In my opinion it is a “nice to have” upgrade, but for some of the more serious riders, maybe it is a “must have”.
Here’s the upside:
As I mentioned in a previous tip, it’s more efficient to keep a constant cadence and keep your heart rate below your Lactate Threshold. Ideally, the best way to accomplish both is to pedal at a constant power.  Keeping your watts the same as you go up and down hills as well as the flats will result in your best effort.
Here’s the downside:
Power meters are not cheap.  They start at around $600. Also, in my opinion, cyclists with power meters tend to look down more to see their wattage.  This could be dangerous when you should keeping your head up to avoid road hazards and other cyclists.  However, I suspect that with a little experience, this would not be a significant issue.
Here is a video to help you better understand the benefits of power meters:
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Quote of the week: This is a recovery ride for me today. You know, just in case I’m a little slower on the hills.
Rick Bunnell
President, TeamCBC