TeamCBC Cycling Tip – How to Avoid a Crash

This year there have been several members of our club that have ended up on the road. Like all accidents, they could have been avoided. Here is a list of things you can do to prevent them:

Bad Roads

Point out holes and other obstacles in the road. Spanish rider Valverde, the oldest and most experienced rider on the Tour, hit a pothole and went off the road during the Vuelta a Espana. He had to abandon the race. It can happen to anyone.

Hitting a Pedal

This happens more often in racing but is still a problem. Keep your inside pedal at “12 o’clock” when leaning into a corner. Be sure to hold off pedaling until you’re fully upright again.

Parked Cars

Watch out for people opening their car doors when riding on urban streets.

Using Your Phone

Using your phone to text, talk, or take photos is not allowed on TeamCBC group rides. Anything that takes your attention from riding is a problem.

Descending and Corning

Flying down a hill and then trying to take a corner too fast is dangerous. There’s a chance that you will either go off the road or sideways on the road. If in a group, watch the riders in front of you to determine the best line and speed.

Touching Wheels

This is probably the most common cause of crashes in group rides. Do not “half wheel” or overlap your front wheel with someone’s rear wheel. Also, bikes don’t have brake lights. Therefore, you need to communicate to your fellow riders whenever you are slowing, stopping, or turning.


If you get a flat tire, don’t stop and don’t change direction, at least not immediately. Signal that you have a mechanical and make your way over to the side of the road.

City Riding

There is danger everywhere. In order to avoid problems, make eye contact with motorists and clearly signal your intentions.

Here is a video that will explain these tips in more detail:

Stay safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC