TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Communications: Verbal Commands Part 1

Last week we covered hand signals and for the next few weeks, we will cover verbal commands. As a bonus, I’ve included the commands in Spanish. Thanks to Jose for providing the proper translations.

  • Right Turn – Group is turning right within 100 feet
    • Spanish: Vuelta a la derecha
    • Pronunciation: buel-ta ah lah deh-reh-chah
  • Left Turn – Group is turning left within 100 feet
    • Spanish: Vuelta a la izquierda
    • Pronunciation: buel-ta ah lah ees-kyehr-dah
  • Slowing – Anytime group is slowing
    • Spanish: Despacio
    • Pronunciation: dehs-pah-syoh
  • Stopping – Group is stopping within 100 feet
    • Spanish: Parando
    • Pronunciation: Pa-ran-do
  • Clear – Traffic is clear. Include direction: Left or Right
    • Spanish: Libre
    • Pronunciation: Lee-breh
  • Hole – Hole ahead. Include location: Left, Right, Center
    • Spanish: Hoyo
    • Pronunciation: Ho-yo
  • Gravel – Gravel or loose dirt is in the group’s path
    • Spanish: Grava
    • Pronunciation: Gra-ba
  • Tracks – Approaching railroad tracks within 100 feet
    • Spanish: Rieles
    • Pronunciation: rrie-les

I am changing from my “Quote of the week” to “What were you thinking?”. These are things I’ve done wrong recently. Hopefully, I won’t have too many, but I’m always learning.

What were you thinking: “A rider told me that he was taking a shortcut back to the brewery, but I didn’t tell the group. About 12 miles later several riders stopped at a corner, saying that we were missing one rider. One rider even went back after him. Finally, I realized what was going on and told them that we now had only 9 riders, not 10. I should have told the group when he left.”

Stay Safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC