TeamCBC Cycling Tip – Are your Bike Shorts Torn? They can be Repaired.

As you know, jerseys and shorts can be expensive. Therefore you really don’t want to throw them out if they’ve been torn. If the tear is by a seam you’re probably going to have to sew it (yeah, right) or find someone to sew it (mom?). However if the tear is an inch or more away from the seam, you can patch it.

I’m sure that there are several available products, but what I found was a Neoprene patch kit. It’s designed for wet suits, so it is probably a little overkill, but in the summer I look like I’ve been underwater by the end of a ride. It’s available on Amazon and officially called:

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch Black 6″x10″ Fabric Gear Repair

As you can imagine, it is very simple to use. First cut a patch big enough to cover the hole by 3/4” in all directions. Second, place the patch over the hole. Third, place the special protective paper over the patch. Finally, place a hot iron over the paper for 10 seconds. Reposition the iron and repeat. For some of you who have forgotten, the iron is that weird pointy shaped device about 10” long with a cord attached to it that is located in the hall closet.

As always, let me know your ideas or comments.

Quote of the week: Never sacrifice style for speed.

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC