TeamCBC Cycling Tip – 8 Tips for Washing Your Cycling Clothes

High-tech Lycra, breathable mesh jerseys, and comfortable chamois inserts are a must if you want to enjoy your ride. However, quality clothing can be expensive. To make sure you get your money’s worth, take a few extra precautions when it’s time to do the laundry.

Use these eight tips to wash your clothes the right way and make sure they last more than one season in the saddle.

1. Use the Delicate Cycle: Regular or heavy settings on the washing machine will likely damage delicate fabrics.

2. Separate your clothes: Don’t wash with other clothes and separate dark from white

3. Zip-Up: Zippers can damage other clothing. Zip up your jersey and turn it inside out.

4. Stick with the basics: Use basic detergent and add it in last.

5. Keep it cool: Wash in cool or lukewarm water.

6. Hang dry: A dryer is a dangerous place for high-performing fabrics. Hang dry only.

7. Keep out of the washing machine: Items such as gloves and caps should be hand-washed.

8. If it doesn’t smell…: The more that you wash, the shorter the life. If you didn’t sweat much, rinse only.

Here is an article which will give you more details:…/8-tips-for-washing-your…

Stay Safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC