TeamCBC Cycling Tip – 8 Essential Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Tips

Although our winters are mild in comparison to other parts of the country, we get our share of cold weather. Here are eight tips on how to dress properly for those cold morning rides.

  1. Overshoes and gloves – Your feet and hands suffer the most on cold rides. In addition to good gloves, tape over the vents of your cycling shoes and wear overshoes.
  2. Base layers – If your core gets cold, so will your arms. Therefore, wear a quality thermal shirt under your jersey. Also, wear tights without a chamois under your kit.
  3. Caps and ear warmers – Your helmet is vented to keep your head cool. Therefore, in cold weather, wear ear warmers. For really cold weather, wear a fleece-lined skull cap. Finally, wear a neck buff to keep your neck warm.
  4. Undershirt – One of the problems with wearing an undershirt is that as you warm up you will begin to sweat and eventually you will get cold. Therefore, bring a spare undershirt to change into when you get to a rest stop.
  5. Jacket – Bring a wind or rain jacket in case the weather gets colder or begins to rain.
  6. Training – Rather than do your typical long ride, make it shorter, but a little harder. You’ll get a good workout without being exposed to the cold for several hours.
  7. Set off cold – If you come out of your house all bundled up, you’ll soon overheat and start to sweat. It’s better to start on the cold side and allow your body to warm up as your muscles go to work.
  8. Dress for the ride – If you’re planning a hard ride, wear a little less. Also, you can wear a little less if you’re planning to ride off-road. You won’t be exposed to as much wind or reach the same speeds as on the road.

For more information, please watch the video below:

Stay safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC