TeamCBC Cycling Tip – 5 Things to Work on in the Off-Season

Although many of us ride year-round, we tend to ride a little less and not quite as hard in the winter months. Therefore, it’s a good time to work on a few things so we’ll be ready for spring. Here are five of them.

  1. Maintenance – Now is the time to complete some of those time-consuming bike maintenance tasks like greasing the bearings, replacing your cables, and servicing your bottom bracket.
  2. Cross-training – Since you don’t want to let yourself get out of shape., it’s a good time to hit the gym and work on your overall fitness, especially your core. Perhaps some running or swimming?
  3. Bike skills – It’s difficult to work on your bike skills when you’re going all out and worried about being dropped. Work on skills that will improve your bike handling such as tight cornering, descending, getting out of the saddle, being comfortable riding in the drops, and figuring out how to bunny hop.
  4. Plan for next year – Reflect on your results this past season. Did you overtrain? What worked? What didn’t work? What are your lessons learned and what can you do differently next season?
  5. Equipment – Any equipment changes you want to make need to be done now. Perhaps you want different handlebars? Buy a new seat or some new shoes. Give yourself plenty of time to get acclimated to these changes before the start of next season.

Here is a short video that discusses this subject in a little more detail.

Stay safe!

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC