TeamCBC Cycling Tip – 4 Bad Cycling Habits: How to Look more than a Pro on a Bike

Whether it’s cycling, running or swimming, the one characteristic that is common to most professional athletes is how relaxed and smooth they look. I remember watching Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones at our neighborhood pool years ago. When he dove into the pool the water barely splashed. The same is true in cycling. When watching professional cyclists at the Tour de France and Giro D’Italia, you’ll notice that they are so smooth and their upper bodies barely move. All their energy is focused on their legs.

Here are four bad habits which prevent you from being smooth and how to correct them:

  • Bobbing – This wastes a lot of energy. To correct, speed up your cadence. It’s difficult to “bob” when your spinning fast.
  • Bouncing – This also wastes energy. To correct, slow down your cadence. It’s difficult to bounce in slow motion.
  • Knees out – Riding with your knees out will slow you down due to a decrease in aerodynamics. It may be a sign that your seat is too low or your cleats are not straight.
  • Elbows out – Although not as bad as having your knees out, this will slow you down as well. It may be a sign that your “reach”, the distance between you and your handle bars, is too short.

Here is a video which will explain how to break these habits in more detail:

Quote of the week: When you’re wet, you’re wet. Used often in the British climate.

Stay safe.

Rick Bunnell

President, TeamCBC