TeamCBC Cycling Tip – 10 Things to Take on Every Bike Ride

How many times have you gotten to the brewery and realize you forgot something? Sometimes it’s critical, like your helmet. Other times it is an inconvenience, like your Garmin or Wahoo. On second thought, maybe that is critical because if it’s not on Strava, it never happened.
You need to have a list. Better yet, it would help it you were a creature of habit. In addition to your bike, helmet and shoes, your top ten items need to be in the same place every time. Your keys are in your right pocket and your phone is in your middle pocket. The energy bar is your left pocket. You get the idea.
Here is a list of essential items:
  1. Cell phone
  2. ID
  3. CO2 cartridge or pump
  4. Tire Lever
  5. Inner Tube
  6. Water Bottles
  7. Multi-Tool
  8. Money
  9. Energy Bars
  10. Your Keys
Here is a video that explains why you need all these items:
BTW, I substituted keys for a patch kit. First of all, I’ve never seen anyone on the side of the road trying to patch a tire. Secondly, we’ve had two riders recently “lose” their keys. Both were eventually found in their jersey.
Stay safe!
Rick Bunnell
President, CBC