Penny Hoglund - Secretary

After the kids flew the nest in 2015, a good friend invited Penny out for a group ride with ToD.  50 miles!  Really??  Not so sure about that…but after a few weeks of solo rides, she was off on her first group ride, pleased that she managed to stay ahead of the gravel rider with a backpack.  Of course, the cycling bug bit, and the weekends were soon filled with new adventures and friendships.  She joined CBC in 2019, invited through friendships with current members.   She has enjoyed being a member of several clubs over the years – TnR, Gyros, and serving as Event Coordinator/Ride Lead for ToD.   She has served on the Board of Directors Velo4Yellow as Fundraising and Donation Chairman.  She thrives in volunteering, being a member of the cycling community, and sharing her love for the sport with others. 

Penny currently resides in Cary and is the Carolina Sales and Distribution Manager for AEM Group, with a 25+ year career in electronics component sales.  She is President of the Carolina Electronic Rep Association as well as her HOA.  She enjoys long walks with her Sheltie, Passion, and spending time with her son, Alek, who resides in Raleigh as well as hiking and kayaking if she can manage to part with her bike!