Jen Tallett

Jenn Tallett - At Large

Jen Tallett has been a member of TeamCBC since 2019. She picked up road cycling after a running injury resulted in a concussion, broken wrist and a new partial knee in early 2019 (yay Bionics!!). An avid follower of the N+1 bike philosophy, she cross-trains with MTB and gravel riding, in addition to several rides per week with various local cycling groups. She is also committed to expanding the cycling community through “recruiting” other riders to join group riding activities.

Recently retired from a major pharma company, Jen spends her time riding, consulting with small biotech and pharma organizations, and volunteering with Peak Lab Rescue in Apex. She is in the process of launching three college-age kids – with visions of more time for destination cycling trips and exploring the Western US.

Jen currently resides in Chapel Hill with her youngest daughter and two rescue pups.