Daniel Leinbach - Treasurer

Dan started cycling in earnest at the age of 14, riding and learning with a club in his native upstate New York. Many years later, having relocated to the Triangle area, he took a solo ride south out of Apex and joined up with a nice, cohesive group that clearly knew how to ride together as a team. They must have looked at him like he had two heads when asked if it was an organized ride. He quickly found home in the camaraderie of TeamCBC, and joined the board of directors in 2017. He has served as Treasurer since 2019.

Dan has two kids nearing or at adulthood, and lives in Apex with them, his wife, and their 8 year old golden retriever. He works from home for a large health insurance company, in the exciting area of data quality. He also holds a private pilot certificate, though he rarely gets in the air… but retains the obligation to look up at every aircraft flying by.