Code of Conduct
1. Respect others and their belongings. This rule applies regardless of whether you are on one of our group rides or at another event.  Unacceptable conduct includes but is not limited to:
  • Physical abuse to any person while riding or at any time during an event.
  • Use of foul language toward any person.
  • Making obscene gestures directed at any person.
  • Malicious actions on or off the bike toward any person.
  • Non-consensual physical contact, threatening or bullying behavior, unwanted personal advances, and any other inappropriate behavior.
Failure to maintain acceptable conduct can result in a verbal warning, written warning, or immediate suspension from TeamCBC at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

2. Know and respect the rules of the road ( Remember, cars always win.

3. Arrive before the scheduled ride time to hear announcements.

4. Choose an appropriate distance and pace.

5. Be responsible for your actions – e.g., control your anger/frustration.

6. Feel free to ask questions.

7. Talk to a TeamCBC Board Member ( when you think something is wrong or can be improved.

8. Wear appropriate cycling apparel. TeamCBC Gear is NOT required.

9. Use good judgment before, during, and after rides.

10. Offer support and positive guidance to newer riders.

Any member demonstrating an unwillingness to meet this Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension of club privileges or their club membership. 
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