TeamCBC/Gyros Destination Ride – Saturday September 4th

TeamCBC/Gyros Destination Ride – Saturday September 4th

This ride is for all levels. There will be three distances, 30, 50, and 77 miles.

All riders welcome!

When: Saturday September 4th
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Where: Walmart Supercenter, 1525 Glenn School Rd, Durham, NC 27704

SAGs will be available

8:25 AM 77 mile 21+ Drop Ride
8:30 AM 50 Mile 14-15 avg No Drop Ride  Ride Lead Nancy O
8:35 AM 77 mile 19-20 Drop Ride  Ride Leads Tony S & Bike B
8:40 AM 50 Mile 21+ Drop Ride
The following are all No Drop Rides:
8:45 AM 50 Mile 19-20 avg
8:50 AM 50 Mile 17-18 avg Ride Lead Bob O
8:55 AM 50 Mile 15-16 avg  Ride Lead Ian M
9:00 AM 30 Mile 15-16 avg  Ride Lead Tim K
9:05 AM 30 Mile 12-14 avg

We need ride leads for t eh 19-20 mph 50 mile group and the 12-14 mph 30 mile group.  Please let us know if you can help us.

Everyone must sign who has not signed a waiver in 2021. So please sign the electronic waiver before coming to the ride.  It is simple and easy and you are required to sign before doing TeamCBC rides.  You only need to sign it once a year!  Here is the link: